Advanced Surgery in Father Muller Hospital gives a new life to a Young Man

Date :Oct 18, 2016

The life of a young man of 21 years  of age  took a  sudden jolt when he developed weakness of his left hand following a road traffic accident a year back. The doctors diagnosed his to have sustained  injuries to the nerves of the left upper limb which did not recover .At  Father Muller Hospital he was evaluated by Dr Latheesh Leo, Unit chief of Hand & Microsurgery ,Department of Orthopaedics and was offered a unique surgery by which his power to the upper limb can be regained .

The patient underwent an advanced surgery where his functioning lower limb muscles were transferred to the upper limb and connected to the vessels and nerves ( Free Functioning Muscle Transfer ).The Six hour long surgery was under taken by the team of doctors lead by Dr. Latheesh Leo, supported by the anaesthesia team lead by Dr. P.  S . Balakrishna  Achar and the nursing staff .

The patient is recovering well and the transferred muscles are expected to start move his hand by 9months of time .