SNA ELECTION 2016-2017

Date :Sep 24, 2016

The Election of the ‘Student Nurses Association’ for the Academic year (2016-2017) was held on 24 th September 2016 at Father Muller School of Nursing. The Election was started with the prayer song. The nominees of various posts gave a brief introduction about themselves.SNA advisor Mrs. Vidya gave instructions to the students regarding the election. The election was started at 3.30pm and came to an end at 4.50pm.

There after the students casted their votes. The counting was initiated by Mrs. Sonia, Mrs. Nathalia ,Mrs. Jasmine and Ms Sharon. The election results were officially declared by Mrs. Jasmine Sarita Vas, Principal, Father Muller School of Nursing. Madam congratulated the newly elected office bearers and wished them all success. The previous SNA office bearers handed over the responsibilities to newly elected members.