Father Muller Simulation Center Inaugurated

Date :Mar 13, 2016

A newly-established Simulation and Skills Centre of Father Muller Charitable Institutions, commemorating the 175th anniversary of the Institution, was inaugurated here on Sunday March 13.

Dr Manju Singh, joint secretary of University Grants Commission inaugurated the centre. Dr Francis Serrao, bishop of Shivamogga diocese blessed the occasion. Dr Dinker Pai, qualified simulation educator in India, was the guest of honour.

Addressing the formal function held at the decennial hall of Father Muller, Dr Dinakar Pai, professor in general surgery and educator in simulation, said, "Simulation is entrenched in medical education all over the world. Even in India, medical education has progressed. Today, we follow adult learning principles, and when we teach medical students, even we have to recognize that they are adults. Students come to medical schools with their own experiences, opinions and ideas. And it is the time to listen to them on what they want to learn rather than forcing facts that we know on them."

On simulation, he said that now the milieu, nature of patients and technology are different. "We need to go with the times, especially in medical education, from the traditional classroom-based education to experiential learning. And students learn by doing not by reading. Application of knowledge is very important rather than just learning facts for the sake of learning," he said.

"It should be our endeavour not only to have hi-tech simulators but also develop low cost solutions to apply on a larger scale. Simulation is a technique of teaching medicine. Patent's safety is paramount today. We need to do everything to keep the patients safe. And simulation is the most important modality which helps the parameter of patent's safety. Simulation helps you learn about the patient.

"Through simulation centers we can recreate the situation for the purpose of learning. Medical Council of India has also recognized the importance simulation. Father Muller is leading the way for revolution in medical education. This simulation center is also an advanced center and it should be effectively used," he added.

Director of FMCI Fr Patrick Rodrigues said, "The center should be utilized with dedication and commitment for the betterment of society. This simulation center should grow into one of the leading simulation centers in the country."

Fr Richard Coelho, FMCI administrator, J K Alva, dean, Dr Ritesh D'Cunha, center in-charge, Dr Lulu Shareef and others were present.