Graduation Ceremony Cum Institutions' Day at FMCI

Date :Mar 14, 2016

A splendid ceremony marked the graduation ceremony and the Institution Day of Father Muller Charitable Institutions (FMCI) here on Sunday March 13. Around 579 students from Father Muller Medical College and Allied Health Sciences, Homeopathic Medical College, School and College of Nursing and College of Speech and Hearing received convocation certificates during the ceremony, which also marked the 175th birth anniversary of FMCI founder Fr Augustus Muller.

Addressing the gathering, chief guest Dr Manju Singh, joint secretary of University Grants Commission (UGC) said, "Today graduates who pass out from colleges are India's investment capital. We have to empower the youth today as it will benefit the country in the future."

Commenting on the scarcity of doctors in India, she said, "As per international standards, there should be one doctor per thousand people, but some of the studies say that there is only one doctor for every 2,000 people in India. Even in the field of nursing, there should be three nurses for one doctor, but in India we have two nurses per doctor. Hence it is a challenge for all doctors to fill the gap and treat patients."

Addressing the graduates, she said, "Look into your hearts. Do not see yourself as experts just because you have graduated, because you have to learn a lot. The knowlege and information in medical science has grown exponentially and it is far beyond human limits. Hence, try to learn as much as possible. Today there are 13,600 types of diagnosis in the world, but if we master in just 50 of them, we can truly serve mankind. Today in medical field the greatest discovery is not that of a new drug, but the discovery of vaccination and basic treatment using vaccination. Great treatment requires a package of dedication and providing care at the lowest possible cost to society, combining doctors of all the departments of medicine. The only message I want to give you today is, never give up."

Vice-chancellor of Mangalore University Prof K Byrappa who was guest of honour said, "You have chosen the most noble profession on earth. You are the ones who give life to the needy and you will be the most respected in society. Along with this, your profession makes you highly responsible. This profession needs more practical time. Indian doctors have earned great respect in the western countries like the US, the UK and Canada. I wonder what will happen if they give up their services there and come back to India and serve here."

Lauding Father Muller Charitable Institutions, he said, "FMCI since its inception more than 135 years ago has truly served the mankind. With excellent infrastructure, it has become the best hospital in the region."

Addressing the graduates, he said, "My message to all the outgoing students, is respect your profession and obey the laws of humanity. Practice ethics in your profession. Take up service in rural areas at least for sometime in your life. Serve the society and grow in your profession. In the process, do not forget your institution, but help it to grow. I also request at least few of you to take up research, as without research our country can never grow."

Bishop of Mangaluru diocese Dr Aloysius Paul D'Souza told the graduates, "The convocation that has been presented to you today is not just a prize, it is a recognition of your dedication. You have to take a solemn oath before god that you will follow truthfullness and honesty in your profession. This profession is sacred by nature. You have to hold your profession close to your heart. It is a mission-oriented profession, and if it is not fulfilled in the same way, it is doomed to fail. You are called to make the world a happy place. Make it so through constant endeavour and care in your heart. Pope Francis has announced 2016 as a Year of Mercy, so I call upon every one of you to go to the peripheral of the society and show people that you love them through your service."

Director of FMCI Fr Patrick Rodrigues welcomed the gathering and rendered the keynote address.

Bishop Dr Aloysius presented the Father Muller presidential gold medal to Dr Sanjay Rao Kordkal of final year MBBS. The medal is awarded to a top student achiever of the Institution.

Dr Manju Singh and Prof Byrappa presented the convocation certificates to the graduates.

Principals of various colleges under FMCI, namely Dr Shivaprasad K, Sr Winnifred D'Souza, Jasmine S Vas and Akhilesh P M administered the oath to the graduates of the respective colleges.

FMCI administrator Fr Rudolf D'Sa proposed the vote of thanks.

The event culminated with a colouful and entertaining cultural programme.