City Doctors do Sutureless Brain Aneurysm Surgery

Date : Nov 24, 2016

Brain attack due to ruptured brain blood vessel known as Ruptured intracranial aneurysm is a very serious and life threatening condition which requires immediate surgical treatment known as Craniotomy and Aneurysm clipping. Patients initially present with only severe headache. World over, Neurosurgeons are moving towards"Sutureless surgery" known as Endovascular coiling of Brain aneurysm. In this technique, a small Platinum coil of the size of a Human hair  is introduced from a smallpuncture in the thigh into the desired brain blood vessel. The procedure takes only 2-3 hours and patient can usually walk home in a couple of days said Dr Madhukar T Nayak, the Endovascular Neurosurgeon. He is incidentally the first Neurosurgeon in whole of Western Karnataka to have performed this procedure. He obtained his advanced training in Neuro endovascular surgery from Tokyo, Japan. The treating team included neurosurgeons Dr Madhukar Nayak, Dr Geover Lobo and Anaesthetists  Dr Harshavardhan and Dr Antony.    

Father Muller Medical College Hospital which has an advanced, highly equipped Neuro Cathlab facility aims to provide advanced, state of the treatment at affordable price for the common man, said Rev. Fr Richard Coelho, the Administrator of Father Muller Medical College Hospital, Mangaluru.