Date : Feb 13, 2018

A day long program on Clinical quality Improvement was organized by Quality department of FMMCH on 01/02/2018 in the Conference Hall of Father Muller Medical College Hospital.  Dr Subhashchandra Shetty,(MS, DNB, FRACS) Clinical Director, Head And Neck, Fellow of Harward Healthcare Leadership from Auckland, New Zealand gave talks on “Do no harm - Errors, Teamwork and Effective Healthcare”, “Communication of Medical Error”,“Retrosternal goiters and perioperative issue in thyroidectomy”.

The event started with a prayer song followed by welcoming the gathering by Rev. Fr Rudolph Ravi D’Sa, Administrator, Father Muller Medical College Hospital enhancing the importance of team work which helps in reducing the errors and importance of efficient functioning in health sector.

Dr Prathvi Shetty introduced Dr Subhashchandra - the guest of the day to the audience by mentioning about his scholastics and achievements which motivated the gathering.

The first session “Do no harm- Errors, Teamwork and Effective Healthcare” started at 11:00 am where the speaker’s emphasis was on minimizing errors by following the set system, also by conducting root cause analysis, to incorporate the system as a whole to prevent errors through multidisciplinary team work.

In the second session “Communication of Medical Error”  the speaker focused on breaking the bad news and good news to the patient and their relatives, handling with communication error, being empathetic and honest in disclosure of patient’s condition, communication of error from doctors. This session helped doctors in understanding the importance of communication in health sector.

The third session “Retrosternal goiters and perioperative issue in thyroidectomy” started at 3:30 pm. The talk involved perioperative, intra operative and post-operative management with the pearls of wisdom in handling such cases. Points of discussion varied from the difference in approaches, the instruments used and complications encountered across the continent. It was a fruitful discussion for the post graduates and young consultants of general surgery and ENT department.

The whole program was well attended by quality coordinators (Medical and Nursing), doctors, nurses, post graduates and interns numbering to 200. The program ended with vote of thanks by Dr Prathvi Shetty and Institutional Anthem.