Bikers on the Move - No matter how big the traffic is, on time Healthcare Assistance is guaranteed

Date : Jun 28, 2018

Father Muller Medical College Hospital has introduced a new healthcare facility called ‘BIKE AMBULANCE’ to provide quick service to the citizens in times of emergency healthcare needs and thereby help save lives. The facility is first of its kind in MANGALORE, and the great advantage is that, unlike big four-wheeled ambulance vans used for the purpose, these bikes can move very swiftly through heavy traffic.



v To provide immediate possible medical attention through Advanced cardiovascular life support & Basic Life support (ACLS & BLS) trained professionals until an ambulance arrives.

v To attend to patients who are critically ill and require immediate medical attention.

v To ensure that patient is shifted for further treatment as soon as possible.


For availing the services, please contact Emergency Department of Father Muller Medical College Hospital

·       0824 223 8333

·       0824 223 8332