Health Camp at Thokottu

Date : 2018-01-19 - 2018-01-19

A team of seven including one staff, one PG, 5 interns and the social worker visited an Anganwadi at Thokottu for a medical health camp on 19th January 2018. The team consisted of Dr Reshel Noronha (team leader ), Dr Sharath ( pg),  5 interns: Mr Ahsan, Ms Adlin, Ms Swathi, Mr Ashish, Mr Amal and the social worker Mr Vivek. The camp commenced at 10 am. Mr Vivek welcomed the gathering and introduced the team. He also thanked Mrs Bharthi for helping us organise the camp. Thereafter, the health talk was delivered by Dr Sharath. He spoke regarding the importance of hygiene, intake of nutritional food, common diseases prevalent in children and on the awareness and benefits of homoeopathy. Some parents had queries which were answered too. Thereafter we conducted a free medical check-up for all. There were 36 patients – 8 were children and remaining adults. The interns did the registration and recorded the height, weight and the blood pressure of the patients. The team leader and the pg sat for consultation. The common diseases we came across were – Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension, Frozen shoulder, Osteoarthritis and Hyperthyroidism. There was one case of Down’s syndrome. The interns dispensed the medicines and also distributed the hospital pamphlets to all the patients. The camp ended at 1 pm.