Flaunt Your Haunt

Date : Nov 15, 2017

On the 31st of October, 2017, Mullers experienced the first if it's kind Social event aimed at raising funds for the cause of Dialysis. This event that no Mullerian missed was named “Flaunt Your Haunt”.
It was an evening when the students and staff of FMMC took the night off from their daily role and became anything they wanted to be!
The costumes ranged from the Madhatter, to Dracula, to even Princess Tiana! The hard work and effort that was put into each costume was not left unrecognised as there were several prizes that were given away. The Three main categories were:
1) The best dressed couple 
2) Best dressed male who was named Mr. Halloween 
3) Best dressed female who was named Ms. Halloween.
It was not just the costumes and the prizes that made everyone get into the spirit of Halloween, one cannot leave out the incredible decorations that spanned the academy hall, be it the ginormous spider web overhead, to the X-ray photo booth or the fire pillars that lit the entrance. 
This evening was not just a treat for the eyes but for the stomach as well, satisfying the cravings of everyone gathered there. There was a bake sale organised by the students dishing out delicious pastry items and a food stall courtesy of The Ladies Cirlce, Mangalore serving savoury items.
However, the highlight of the evening was the music that every leg shook to, thanks to DJ Chris!
Flaunt Your Haunt served its purpose of being a Social event, with students and staff of all courses coming together to have a gala time as well being a Fund Raising event with the funds raised to the tune of ₹34000 for the cause of Dialysis.