Inaugural Ceremony-Arena 2018

Date : Oct 15, 2018

‘ARENA’, the most awaited intra-collegiate competition, was inaugurated, on 12th October 2018, at the Academy Hall. To match the spiritual aura, of this prestigious institution, the event began by invoking the presence of almighty followed by lamp lighting by the dignitaries.

Dr Smitha Rasquinha, Staff Coordinator, welcomed the gathering, with a warm and inspiring message.

Fr Ajith B. Menezes, Administrator, FMMC, florally welcomed the chief guest, Dr Malini N Hebbar, Associate Professor of English, St Agnes College, with a token bouquet.

A powerful message from a speech, by the chief guest, who said, “If you want to hitch your wagon to a star, you have to accept the three P’s; Patience, Passion and Perseverance”, left an indelible impression on the young minds of our institution.

The audience were then transported, to a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world, with the introduction of the theme and backdrop of Arena 2018, based on the bestselling novel,’ The Hunger Games’.

Later, the representatives called the ‘tributes’ dressed in their respective regions attire, walked on the stage, with great pomp and grace and thus declared Arena 2018, opened.

The chief guest was then given an apt felicitation and the inaugural ceremony concluded, with the presidential address, by the Director, FMCI, Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho. Merriyam Surrao, the cultural secretary, signed off the ceremony with a vote of thanks.