The Endocrinology Speciality unit caters to the needs of patients presenting with problems of hormonal functions and metabolism. We are committed to the vision and mission of the institution in upholding its hallmark in medical care and education.


To heal and comfort the suffering humanity with compassion and respect; To achieve excellence of global standards in medical education, health care and research.


To be progressive in providing state-of-art but affordable, holistic and ethical healthcare services to all. To cultivate a culture of learning and growth through inclusive academic and educational relationships.

Endocrine speciality clinics and services

Our speciality clinic with focus on various endocrinological diseases, has been attending to the needs of patients presenting with problems like Diabetes mellitus, Thyroid hormonal problems, Growth and Reproductive problems, Hormonal hypertension and Metabolic bone diseases. We provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to uncommon and rare hormone-related adult and pediatric diseases besides providing comprehensive services to patients having the common endocrinological problems. Various hormonal stimulation and suppression test protocols are implemented to diagnose complex hormonal problems. We have been contributing significantly in the diagnosis and management of tumors in the endocrine glands. We are striving hard within our available time in our pursuit towards excellence in clinical research also. Few publications and presentations are a mark of our effort towards this direction.

Thyroid clinic

Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Goiter, thyroid tumors

Secondary Hypertension clinic

Hypertension in the young ( hormone producing tumors)

Reproductive endocrinology clinic

Problem of puberty -decreased or absent facial and body hair, underdeveloped genitalia(males), Underdeveloped breasts (females) (Hypogonadism); absent, Infrequent or excess menstrual Cycles (menstrual disorders); Problems of having children (Infertility); functional problem of the genitals; Excess hair growth (hirsutism),abnormal development of Genitalia (Sex differentiation disorder)

Metabolic Bone disease clinic

Low or high body calcium, abnormal shape of bone (deformities due to metabolic bone diseases), thin bones (osteoporosis), Vitamin D deficiency

Growth clinic

Problem of poor growth in height (short stature)

Adolescent endocrine clinic

Comprehensive Endocrine clinic for the adolescents

Obesity –metabolic syndrome

Overweight, Cholesterol related problems

Diabetes clinic:

Diabetes in young, pregnancy diabetes, Secondary diabetes

Diabetes Nurse Educator

Trained nurse for patient education on diet, self care and monitoring

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