Father Muller Charitable Institutions send Medical help to flood-affected Kerala

Date : Aug 24, 2018

Nature’s fury no one can stop. Human beings who have an inclination towards selfishness have finally realized the significance of sharing and caring. God in his divine power has educated each one of us a lesson, an exercise which is to be fulfilled all through our life. To demonstrate solidarity and compassion towards others and to share what is our own particularly to the needy brethren.

True to its motto, ‘Heal and Comfort’, Father Muller Charitable Institutions has time and again set an example by bringing health care solace to the suffering humanity.

Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical headed by Rev. Fr Vincent Saldanha, Administrator, took part in this key initiative of supporting the victims of flood and natural calamities in Kerala. A total of Rupees six lakh donations was raised for this purpose .Apart from this, relief materials including rice sacks, pulses, biscuits, milk powders, mineral water, diapers, blankets etc were collected. The students of Father Muller Homeopathic Medical College took a meal fast, and the proceeds of which was donated to this noble cause. The team started for the mission on 18 August 2018, Saturday, at 5.00 pm. Two truck load full of relief materials which also contained generous contributions from Rotaract Club-NITK Surathkal, NITTE- Deralakatte and Kasaragod Association Kuwait was sent.

Father Muller Medical College and Father Muller Medical College Hospital launched ‘Muller Care’ a campaign for flood relief in Kerala and Kodagu.

A team of 35 Healthcare Professionals including Doctors, nurses and nursing aids have extended their helping hand in reaching out to the flood-hit areas of Kodagu in Karnataka, Wayanad in Kerala, and surrounding regions. The team will be reaching out to the flood affected people and will be providing Medical aid to the ones in distress in the medical relief camps for consecutive three days by providing them with Medical services and other relief materials.

The healthcare team will also be treating the patients afflicted by various communicable diseases by providing essential medical treatment and will also be disbursing medical supplies to the relief camps at the location. An FMCI bus full of healthcare professionals along with a truck carrying the relief materials left FMCI campus in the evening on Thursday, after being blessed by Monsignor Peter Paul Saldanha Bishop-elect of Mangaluru diocese.

He appreciated the initiative taken by the FMCI administration and management in reaching out to those in distress. "Goodness is self-diffusive, when you open it up it can create tremendous amount of energy. It is sad to note that thousands of people are still perched on trees and rooftops, waiting to be rescued. Water has started entering relief camps. This is the first time that Kerala and Kodagu have seen such a disastrous monsoon so far. And in this time of the hour, it is very kind and generous gesture of these young healthcare professionals of Father Muller’s who have always believed in the motto ‘Comfort and Heal’ to go and help these people. May God guide and protect these youngsters when they are on a mission to help and save others.” he added. The group began their journey on 23 August 2018 to look after the surge casualties.

Fr Richard Coelho, director of FMCI briefed about the Muller Care Project, Fr Ajith B. Menezes, the administrator of Father Muller Medical College, delivered the welcome address and also rendered the vote of thanks.

Priests in the management, Chaplains, Heads of various units of FMCI, staff and students were present on this occasion.