Governing Board


Most Rev. Dr Peter Paul Saldanha

Bishop of Mangalore

Vice President

Rt. Rev. Msgr Maxim L. Noronha



Rev. Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho


Ex-officio Members

Rev. Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho, Director
Rev. Fr Vincent Vinod Saldanha, Administrator, FMHMCH & HPD
Rev. Fr Rudolph Ravi D'Sa, Administrator, Father Muller Medical College Hospital
Rev. Fr Roshan Crasta, Administrator, FMHT
Rev. Fr Ajith B. Menezes, Administrator, Father Muller Medical College
Rev. Fr Sylvester Vincent Lobo, Assistant Administrator, FMHMC & HPD
Rev. Fr Nelson Dheeraj Pais, Assistant Administrator, Father Muller Medical College Hospital
Rev. Fr Felix Monteiro, Chaplain, FMCI
Rev. Fr George D’Souza OFM (Cap.), Chaplain FMCI

Elected Members

Mr M.P. Noronha
Mr John D’Silva
Rev. Fr Dionysius Vaz, SJ
Rev. Sr Mariette, BS
Dr Aloysius Sequeira
Mr Naveen D’Souza
Dr Lavina Noronha
Mr C.G. Pinto

Advisory Committee F.M.C.I

Rev. Fr Richard A. Coelho, Director, FMCI
Rev. Fr Rudolph Ravi D’Sa, Administrator, FMMCH
Rev. Fr Vincent Saldanha, Administrator, FMHMCH & HPD
Rev. Fr Ajith Menezes, Administrator, FMMC
Rev. Fr Roshan Crasta, Administrator, FMH, Thumbay
Rev. Fr Sylvester Lobo, Assistant Administrator, FMHMCH & HPD
Rev. Fr Nelson Dheeraj Pais, Assistant Administrator, FMMCH
Rev. Fr Felix Monteiro, Chaplain & Counsellor, FMCI
Rev. Fr George D’Souza, OFM Cap., Chaplain, FMCI
Dr B. Sanjeev Rai, Chief of Research
Dr Jayaprakash Alva, Dean, FMMC
Dr Padmaja Udaykumar, Vice Dean, FMMC
Dr Uday Kumar K., Medical Superintendent, FMMCH
Dr Peter George, Coordinator, PG Studies
Dr Jacintha Martis, Coordinator, UG Clinical Studies
Dr Padmaja Udaykumar, Coordinator, UG Para Clinical Studies
Dr Prakash Shetty, Coordinator, UG Pre Clinical Studies
Mr Sudeep Pais, Course Coordinator, MPT & BPT
Dr Anto J. Richie, Course Coordinator, B.Sc. MIT
Dr Sumanth D., Course Coordinator, M.Sc. & B.Sc. MLT
Dr M.S Athiyamaan, Course Coordinator, B.Sc.Radiotherapy
Mrs Sweta D’Cunha, Course Coordinator, MHA
Dr George Pinto, Interns Coordinator
Sr Janet D’Souza, Chief Nursing Officer
Mrs Jasmine Sarita Vas, Principal, FMSON
Sr Jacintha D’Souza, Principal, FMCON
Mrs Victoria D’Almeida, Vice Principal, FMCON
Mrs Irene Alvares, PG Coordinator, FMCON
Dr Shiva Prasad, Principal, FMHMC & Medical Superintendent
Dr ESJ Prabhu Kiran, Vice Principal, FMHMC
Dr Girish Navada, Deputy Medical Superintendent, FMHMCH
Dr Jacintha Monteiro, PG Coordinator, FMHMC
Dr M.K. Kamath, PG Programme Advisor, FMHMC
Dr Vilma D’Souza, Interns Coordinator, FMHMC
Prof. Akhilesh P.M., Principal, BASLP
Dr Kiran Shetty, Medical Superintendent, FMH, Thumbay
Ms Jyothi Pinto, Manager, HRD
Sr Jacintha D’Souza, Superior, St Vincent Convent, FMCI

The Advisory Committee consists of Executives from various major Units of the Institutions. It meets once a month or as often as necessary to advise the Director on various issues and discuss programmes pertaining to the betterment of Father Muller Charitable Institutions. This Committee is a great help since it involves itself in the various activities of Units and Departments they represent and so also in the day-to-day affairs of the Institutions.