Free Speech and Hearing Camp

Date : 2016-09-22 - 2016-09-24

Mangalore: The sense of hearing plays a vital role in communication. If one has to communicate he needs to have normal hearing. Hearing and Speech is interrelated. Hearing impairment is a major disorder which is not noticed due to lack of awareness and ignorance. In this context “International Hearing Impaired week is celebrated every year in the last week of September to draw the attention of general public, politicians and development authorities towards the achievements of hearing impaired people as well as their community.

Father Muller Medical College Hospital, Kankanady Mangalore is celebrating the International hearing impaired week by conducting a free Speech and Hearing camp in the Hospital Outpatient wing, Department of Speech and Hearing. The camp is scheduled on 22nd Thursday to 24th September from to 4pm.The hospital has a full fledged Speech and hearing department with all the facilities to diagnose and rehabilitate speech and hearing disorder. The department is associated with the Father Muller College of Speech and Hearing which provides a four year bachelors degree in Speech and Hearing which is affiliated to Mangalore University and recognized by Rehabilitation Council of India.

 The objectives of the camp are

·         To promote understanding among common people about the problems of deaf people in the community all over the world.

·         To motivate deaf people to learn sign language as an essential human right.

·         To make available the required resources in the community for deaf people.

·         To promote the deaf people human rights about equal access to the education and modern technologies.


In this regard all the people who are registered for the camp will get a free hearing assessment with the state of the art technology instrument, trial on various models of hearing instrument(hearing aids),assessment of speech and language disorders like Stammering, voice problem, articulation problem etc both in children and adults.

The public is herewith requested to utilize this opportunity and also promote this activity so as to uplift the needs of the challenged population and join hands with us to bring them to the mainstream.