Father Muller College of Speech & Hearing


Communication is an integral instinct of all living things. Our ability to communicate in so many modes is unique to humans on earth. The loss of one or two senses certainly can impair communication, but it does not have to stop communication.

The field of speech, language pathology and audiology is dedicated to the understanding of normal communication and hearing processes, the application of that knowledge to the identification, treatment, and prevention of communication disorders in children and adults. Speech, language pathologists and audiologists provide a range of services, which includes both assessment and management of communication disorders and also, play a major role in public awareness and prevention of these disorders.

Father Muller College of Speech & Hearing

The diagnostic unit of audiology and speech, language pathology in Father Muller charitable institutions has been in service for more than 35 years. It offers a wide range of services and works in the best interest of patients. It has mainly 3 units – audiology, speech diagnostics and speech therapy. Audiology mainly focuses on hearing evaluation and hearing aid trial, where as speech diagnostics and speech therapy focuses on the assessment of speech, language problems and rehabilitation of persons with disability respectively. Our college is the first Speech & Hearing College to be accredited by NAAC. The department of Audiology is the first department in Dakshina Kannada to start universal new born hearing screening in the hospital set-up.


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