Nursing Practice

The entire hospital complex of Father Muller Medical College Hospital with its multi specialities having the bed strength of 1250 is made available to the students for clinical exposure.

Community Postings

Well developed Community Health department with urban & rural community centers with various development activities planned and executed scientifically at the disposal of students for practical community health nursing experience.


Extensive library service together with systematic use of audio-visual aids, E- library, and Internet facility is available to help the students in their learning process.

Computer Lab

A well equipped computer lab is set for the students in the central library to have access to the unlimited source of knowledge

Spiritual Activities

Students are encouraged to avail themselves of the opportunities provided to involve in the spiritual activities. The campus has its own chapel situated at the centre of the institution named as St.Joseph’s Chapel. The various spiritual activities are:

  • Annual retreat for Christian students
  • Jesus youth prayer group
  • Divine Horizon – Spiritual activity group of the campus organize prayer meeting every month.
  • Altar Servers association.
  • Daily Mass & Rosary.

Sports Activities

In view of the holistic development of a student, a number of opportunities are provided for the students to develop their skills and talents at various levels. Indoor and outdoor games and annual sports day also are organised.

Health Services

Medical care will be given to all the students in case of illness, at Father Muller Hospital as per the student health scheme.


The students who are found academically deserving and economically backward will be considered for partial free-ship scholarship. This means only 50% of the tuition fees will have to be paid initially.

Hostel Facilities

Hostel Facilities are available for the students within the campus.