Paediatric Unit

Overview of the unit

The Paediatric unit at Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital is functioning as a fully fledged unit since 1985 and was affiliated to Mangaluru University initially and currently is under Rajiv Gandhi University of Health sciences, Bengaluru. It is primarily concerned with the delivery of healthcare to children and to train undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The Clinical activities are to deal with in-patient and out-patient care of children. The unit is also involved in catering for outreach programmes to Chetana School for the mentally challenged, Prashanth Nivas poor home for the children, De Mercede Ashram for the poor children and Infant Mary’s School in Mangaluru.

A number of extension programmes such as school health camps and anganwadi visits are also conducted in rural areas and form an important part of the departmental activities.  The main purpose of these training programmes is to reach to the children in the community who find it difficult to avail the medical facilities due to low socio economic status. Informative health talks are given to the children during these camps. Free check-up and medicines are supplied. After these health camps, children are given information as to how to come to the hospital for further follow-ups along with their parents and to avail free treatment for 3 months from the date of the school health camp.

The unit has adequate infrastructure and facilities for case taking and examination. The Hospital provides laboratory investigations, day care facility and in-patient care at nominal rates.

A thorough case taking, case examination and analysis is done for each case coming to OPD. The medicines are prescribed after all the steps of case taking are followed by the students who are under training.

At the end of their rotatory posting, UG students, PG students and Interns are assessed through their log books, transaction records, rough case record completion, Journal club and theoretic discussions on paediatric related topics. They are regularly assessed in theory as well as the clinical aspect. They are taught various pediatric skills and procedures during IP admissions. It is a CCH (Central Council of Homoeopathy)recognised college and Hospital .

Area of speciality of each doctor:

Genito urinary disorders( bedwetting, Urinary tract infection), Cerebral Palsy and Mentally challenged children (ADHD,Autism), Upper respiratory disorders ( Allergic Rhinitis, tonsillitis), Skin disorders( Eczema, warts) - Blood disorders( Anemia), Behavioural disorders( Learning disability), Gastrointestinal disorders.

Highlight of cases treated in the unit

Eczema, Warts, Molluscum contagiosum, Abscess, Alopecia, Leucoderma, Asthma, Pneumonia, Bronchiolitis, Bronchitis, Tonsillitis, Otitis media, Allergic rhinitis, Urinary tract infection, Bedwetting, Leucorrhea, Dysmenorrhea, PCOD, Diarrhea, Acid peptic disease, Cerebral palsy, Anemia, ADHD, Autism etc.

Approximate number of Patients:

180 – 200 per week

Facilities offered in the unit

Physiotherapy, Yoga, Massage and Naturopathy

Vision and Mission


To provide the safest care to the children with cost effective homoeopathic medicines and be accessible to every child in society who needs us.


  • To be able to provide safe, most beneficial care to each child.
  • To offer paediatric services to the rural population.
  • To educate parents and care givers about disease prevention and timely care.

Infrastructure of the unit

OPD: Clinician room and case taking cubicles
IPD: 6 bedded paediatric ward in the Hospital.

Ancillary support of the unit if any

Laboratory facilities and day care admission for acute cases. In addition to diagnosing and treating illnesses, even the preventive aspects are explained along with diet and ancillary measures such as Yoga and naturopathy. Minor Physiotherapy & OT procedures are rendered at FMHMCH and for Rehabilitative services the patients are sent to Father Muller Hospital at kankanady.