The Management , Staff and Students of Father Muller Charitable Institutions, have been inspired and guided by the motto "HEAL AND COMFORT" instilled by Father Muller .We promote education of the highest quality in the Art and Science of Medicine, Nursing, Allied Health Sciences instilling human, Ethical, Spiritual and Christian values.As an unit of Father Muller Charitable Institutions, the Medical college believes and practices its philosophy and objectives.The staff and students of the Medical college will maintain the a tradition of 'holistic approach' to patient care .Healing of the 'whole person'-body,mind and spirit willbe the total concern of everyone in this approach.

It is hoped that during the period of training, the virtues of brotherly love and compassion in a spirit of service,respect of life from womb to tomb,will be imbibed by the students..They are expected not only to deepen their knowledge and develop skills in different fields of Medical Sciences but also to grow in "Spiritual Strength", so that they contribute towards maintaining the ethos of the institutions.