The IQAC (Internal Quality Assessment Cell) of Father Muller College of Nursing was established on 14.10.2013 for nurturing the Institutional quality. The First cycle of NAAC assessment was completed following which certified as ‘A’ grade on 14.07.2014. The IQAC of Father Muller College of Nursing plans the modalities to ensure that whatever is done in the Institution for ‘Education’ is done efficiently and effectively with high standards.

The primary aim of IQAC is

  • To develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the Institution
  • To promote quality enhancement through internalization of quality culture and Institutionalization of best practices.


  • To constantly strive towards maintenance of excellence in nursing education & practice.
  • To develop and maintain research culture within the institution.
  • To increase the scope of consultancy among the faculty.

IQAC 2016-17

IQAC system is a step towards excellence. The IQAC of Father Muller College of Nursing believes in quality maintenance, sustenance and enhancement as prescribed by the NAAC. It states the objectives every year to bridge the gap and identify the key aspects which need improvement. A feedback from stake holders promotes in planning the quality sustenance activities in teaching learning, evaluation and research. It ensures continuous improvement in all units and aspects of the College.


  • To undertake training program for the faculty and students as per the last NAAC recommendation.
  • To motivate the faculty and students to undertake qualitative Research projects.
  • To act as a change agent in quality education.
  • To integrate collaborative and individual learning in teaching learning process.
  • To improve the areas identified in key aspects of the Seven Criteria.

Members of Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Chair person:
Sr. Winnifred D’Souza Principal, FMCON
Senior Administrative Officers:
Rev. Fr Richard Coelho Administrator, FMMCH
Rev. Fr Rudolph Ravi D’Sa Administrator, FMMC
Management Members:
Dr. B Sanjeev Rai Chief of Medical Services
Sr. Aileen Mathias Chief Nursing Officer
Prof. Chanu Bhattacharya HOD, Nursing Research
Mrs. Victoria D’Almeida Vice Principal, FMCON & HOD Advance Nursing
Prof. Agnes E J HOD, Psychiatry Nursing
Prof. Irene Alvares HOD, Nursing Education
Prof. Leena K C HOD, Community Health Nursing
Mrs. Bridget D’Silva HOD, Medical Surgical Nursing.
Ms. Seema S Chavan HOD, Pediatric Nursing Dept.
Mrs. Shiji P J HOD, Nursing Administration
Sr. Deepa Peter HOD, Fundamentals of Nursing
Nominees from Local Society:
Dr. Malini Hebbar IQAC Coordinator St. Agnes Degree College
Dr. Denis Fernandes IQAC Coordinator St. Aloysius College
Dr. Asha P Shetty Principal,Yenepoya College of Nursing
Students :
Ms. Leonza D’Rozario -II B.Sc Nursing
Ms. Jincy P.K -III B.Sc Nursing
Ms. Fiona Vas -IV B.Sc Nursing
Ms. Marita -II PB B.Sc Nursing
Ms. Frenita D Souza -I M.Sc Nursing
Ms. Ashamol Thomas -II M.Sc Nursing
Stakeholder :
Dr. Namratha S Prof. of Hospital Administration
Dr. Janet Dotty Lobo Librarian, FMCI
IQAC Coordinator:
Prof. Savitha Pramilda Cutinho HOD, OBG Nursing
IQAC Secretary:
Ms. Preethi Fernandes Asst. Professor

Action Plan (September 2016 – August 2017)

Sl No. Action Steps Time Resources Committee/Teacher responsible Beneficiaries
1 Knowledge and skill updates Conferences - 2 Seminars -2 Workshop -1 January February March Resource teachers Transport AV Aids HOD’S of the Department Medical Surgical Nursing OBG Nursing Mental Health Nursing Peadiatric Nursing Students, Faculty, stake holders
2 Observation of Health Days September 2016 to August 2017 Equipments Resource person Transport Departmental Faculty Incharge Society
3 Implementation of Health awareness programme based on the health need of the society September 2016 to August 2017 AV Aids Transport Faculty Member Society
4 Open forum Interface between students and Officials January LCD Teachers IQAC Coordinator Quality Circle Students, Teachers & Management
5 Provision of Individual and collaborative learning experiences to the students September 2016 to August 2017 LCD, Books Library WiFi Criteria III chairperson Students
6 Training program to enhance the competencies of the faculty members March OBG Nursing Department Organizing chair person of the program Nursing professionals
7 Conduct Value added Program April Resource Person IQAC Coordinator & Quality Circle Students
8 Quality related programme to sustain and enhance the quality of the Institution. January 2016 to June 2017 Resource Person IQAC Coordinator & IQAC Core Committee members Students, Faculty, Stake holders Society Alumni
9 Translation of innovation to Best Practice June Human AV aid Criteria VII chairpersons Students, Faculty & Society
10 Organizing of Mega Event May - Principal, Criteria V chairperson faculty members and students of the College Society Nursing professionals
11 Undertake the Quality research project September 2016 to August 2017 Books, photocopy, Stationeries Faculty members of the College Society Patients Nursing professionals
12 Minimum two rural programmes from each department September 2016 to August 2017 AV aid, transport, students and teachers HOD and faculty of the each department Society
13 First Internal Audit Department & criteria December Papers Resource person IQAC Coordinator Faculty and students
14 Second Internal Audit March Papers Resource person IQAC Coordinator Faculty and students
15 External Audit August Papers Resource person IQAC Coordinator Faculty students


Dr. Savitha Pramilda Cutinho
Mob: 9740687444